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Aquamarine Film Producer arrested for using ‘blackmail’ to extort $400 million

A film producer arrested in Egypt on Sunday accused of using “blackmail” to extorting $400 billion from Egyptian investors in a controversial venture to create a marine oil field has been charged with using the “same tactic” to obtain government contracts in Syria.The producer of the film “The Aquamaria Project” was arrested on Sunday after […]

What to expect from ‘Downton Abbey’ review

In what can only be described as a “movie version of a sitcom,” the fourth installment of the Downton family drama series, “Downtons,” has a few new twists and turns, and one major plot twist that could cause quite a bit of controversy among the Dampers.The fourth episode, entitled “A Downtons Christmas,” opens with Downtont’s […]

What is a Superintelligence?

From the archives: Superintelligence – A Brief History By The Author A Brief history of superintelligence.The term refers to an intelligence or a collective of intelligent systems, that have become so advanced, powerful, or persistent that they have become independent of the central leadership.The first term was coined by the US National Security Agency (NSA) […]

‘Babes in the Sky’ is a documentary about a woman’s quest for love, family, and dignity in an unlikely city

The trailer for the Israeli documentary “Babies in the Sun” has the Israeli public captivated by the story of Yael Ben-Ami, a 25-year-old woman whose story has become one of the most iconic in Israeli cinema.Yael Ben Ami, the young woman who made headlines after she was arrested in Israel’s occupied West Bank for her […]

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