What are some of the most memorable snuff films?

After a decade of snuff cinema, it was time for a little snuff.

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering, “what are some snuff film films?”

Here are a few that I’ve personally seen and enjoyed, and why.


Snuff by Tom Savini is a wonderful, but flawed, film that I would recommend anyone get into.

It’s a film that is set in a hotel room, and follows two guys who are tasked with stealing a movie camera from a private collection.

Their mission is simple: find the right guy who’s been waiting to be photographed.

This film is very much about the idea of privacy and the fact that we all love to see ourselves on screen.


The Biggest Snuff Film Ever, by William Wyman is another very good film that would be great for any snuff enthusiast.

Wyman’s film is about the rise of the film snuff scene in the 1960s and 70s, and what was once a relatively obscure niche.

Its also a film where we can really get into the details of the filming.


Snuff (The Biggest) by Richard DeSoto is a great example of a film about snuff that also captures the essence of the snuff craze.

DeSoto’s film follows two friends as they try to get their hands on a film camera that was given to them by a family friend. 

Its a really fun and engaging film, and it is a perfect film for snuff enthusiasts.


The Secret Diary of a Dead Snuff Movie Star by Steve Buscemi is a film on the snuf craze that really captures the spirit of the day.

Bosco (played by Steve Zahn) was a director of many snuff movies, and his first film, The Dead Snuf Movie, was released in 1967.

He was one of the first people to introduce snuff to the masses.

The film features a group of actors and extras as they make their way through a busy city and get into some trouble.

They find themselves in a crowded hotel and try to find the best snuff guy, which is a challenge.


Shameful Kisses by John C. Reilly is another film that captures the glory days of snuf.

Reilly’s film was a huge hit in the 80s, selling millions of copies.

While this film is a classic, its not quite as well known as the others, especially because of its age.


The Last Kiss by Paul Thomas Anderson is a very interesting film that showcases the influence of the original Snuff films.

Anderson’s film, The Last Love, has been compared to many of the films that came before it, and is an important one.

In the film, two young couples make out in a public place, and one of them is killed.

The other girl manages to survive and find a way to get back to her family. 

While this is a true story, the film itself is a celebration of the fact we are not alone.


Wag the Dog by George A. Romero is an incredible film that’s just about the worst movie ever.

Romero’s film captures the heartbreak of a man who loses his dog and is left with a dog who has no memory of him.


The Nightmare Before Christmas by John Carpenter is a fantastic film that illustrates the impact that the Snuff crave had on the early 1900s.

Carpenter’s film takes place in a hospital, where a patient is brought in to be treated for a terrible case of mania.

The patient’s eyes have turned black and his thoughts are all messed up.

 The entire film takes up one of Carpenter’s best films, The Shining.


A Few Ghosts by Richard Linklater is another great film that shows the power of the Snuf crave.

Linklater’s film focuses on two men who find themselves locked up in a small town and are forced to watch as they watch a ghost slowly creep towards them.


Ghostbusters by Ivan Reitman is an excellent film that tells the story of the Ghostbusters and their quest for vengeance.

Reitman’s original film, Ghostbusters, was a very controversial film.

A lot of people believed it to be a racist film, while others believed it was satire.

It was the first film of its time to be shown on TV, and the movie itself was very controversial at the time.


Nightmare on Elm Street by David Cronenberg is another classic that shows that there is an amazing and vibrant snuff community.

Chronenberg’s film Nightmare is about a group called the Midnight Club, who have an agenda that they want to take over

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