What to watch out for at ‘Parasite’ festival

The Parasite Film Festival, the annual international festival that has taken place in New York since 2008, is one of the few films to be nominated for Best Picture and it was nominated for best director and actor for the new film The Shape of Water.

A film which tells the story of a small island in the Caribbean in the aftermath of an earthquake, The Shape is the story about two people who are forced to flee their homes, after their house is struck by a powerful earthquake.

The festival’s director, Michael Whelan, said the film has a unique narrative structure and is a celebration of the power of imagination.

“I am looking for something that has a little bit of the dark, twisted edge that is so common in horror films,” he said.

“We’re not looking for a traditional horror film, but a film that’s going to be interesting, dark and scary.”

This is a film where the viewer can sit there and be surprised.

“We didn’t want to just come up with a script and tell you what the plot was, but rather to create something that is emotionally resonant to the viewer.” “

It was very emotional for us to create this film,” Mr Whela said.

“We didn’t want to just come up with a script and tell you what the plot was, but rather to create something that is emotionally resonant to the viewer.” 

The film will be shown in its entirety at the festival and the director is hoping that people will be able to experience the film for themselves.

“The story is that this island has become the scene of a very dark, dark night.

And then you see these two people, they are very alone, and they have to go out and find a way to survive,” Mr Jorgensen said.

It’s a story about the power that imagination has to transform a place, he said, adding that the film was filmed on location in the Bahamas.

“It’s very difficult to tell the story from the inside,” he explained.

“When you’re in a film you are just sitting on the beach.

It’s like being in a haunted house.” 

“Parasites” will be screened in select theaters on November 27.

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