How to Watch a Rare Snuff Film in a Lifetime

The film industry is a hard place to enter, and even the most dedicated collectors know this.

The film world is a notoriously tricky place to get into, and a lot of people just don’t have the money, the connections, or the patience to go to the movies.

I’ve never seen a film that I couldn’t make in a lifetime if I had the patience and dedication.

So, here are my top ten snuff films that I’ve seen in a very long time.


A Fistful of Dollars (1937)Director: Robert MitchumI know this is the best film ever made, but I never really understood the movie, and the story it told.

The movie has a lot to say about the American dream, but it’s also a bit of a disappointment.

This is an interesting film, because it’s about the rise of the American middle class, and how they can’t compete with their European counterparts.

There’s a lot going on in this film, and it’s not easy to watch.

I can see why it took so long to get made, though.

2. Dollhouse (1964)Director/star: James StewartThe story is set in the 1930s and tells the story of a group of young women who go on a quest to find a missing dollhouse in the hopes that it might lead them to their missing father.

They find it in a swamp, but after some time, the dolls come back to life.

Stewart’s script is a little complicated, and you might have to sit through a lot more than I did, but if you like James Stewart movies, this is one you should see.


The Three Stooges (1965)Director and star: James MasonJames Mason’s third film is his best, and probably best-written film.

It’s the story about three friends that are in the middle of a major business dispute, and they find themselves trapped in a dystopian world where money is king.

It’s a film about the power of money, and I feel like this is a perfect film for someone who has a particular love for this topic.


Lincoln (1955)Director /star: Joel EdgertonThe film was made to star Joel Edgalton, and his performance is one of the reasons why this film is so important.

Ellis was very funny in the role, and when he returned to play Lincoln, he played the character with such depth and nuance that it made me feel like I knew him.

In a sense, I loved watching the movie because it was about Lincoln, and about what was wrong with the United States, and its relationship with its own people.


La La Land (1989)Director (writer) and star (star): Jennifer Jason LeighThe movie is a love letter to the music video aesthetic, and was released in 1989 as a parody of the popular MTV video game series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Leigh is a great actress, and her performance in the film is just incredible.

La LaLand is a true story about a group that has a dream, and must go through a difficult time to achieve it. 6. 

Jackie Brown (1969)Director(writer) /star(star): Darryl HannahJackie is a really great director, and this film has some great characters.

It is a story about two brothers, Jack and Darry, and their relationship with their mother, Jackie Brown.

Jackie was a great storyteller, and he captured all of the complexities of family life with aplomb.

It was one of my favorite films of the 70s, and one of many that I’m going to watch over the next year.


Tron: Legacy (2015)Director (writer): Byron HowardHoward is one hell of a writer, and Tron: Legend is the first time he’s directed a film.

Howard’s writing is brilliant, and in many ways it feels like he’s been in the editing room for years.

He does a fantastic job of creating a beautiful film, one that is full of emotion, sadness, and humor.

I’m always excited to see the next great director coming out of Howard’s head.


Gravity (1997)Director &star(writer: Brad Bird)Brad Bird is a master at telling a story with a very clear idea of what it wants to be.

His films have been called The Greatest Movies Ever Made, and for good reason.

Bird’s films have had a tremendous impact on our culture and made people think differently about a lot.

Gravity is the greatest film I’ve ever seen.


Citizen Kane (1941)Director&star(director: James Baldwin)James Baldwin’s Citizen Kane is one the best films ever made

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