Robots are now a $3 billion industry, says Elon Musk, but how much are we going to pay for them?

Elon Musk is the CEO of the SpaceX company and co-founder of Tesla.

But he’s also the co-author of the book The End of Work and a regular commentator on technology, including on Twitter and the New York Times.

In this interview with CBC News, Musk says the rise of robots could be a positive thing, but that they will create new challenges and new risks for society.

“The thing that I do worry about, and I think Elon Musk has said this in the past, is that robots are going to be a very, very important part of our future,” Musk said.

“We’re going to have to change how we use technology to help people and to make our society more efficient and less prone to waste and so forth.”

We asked Musk to share a few examples of the challenges robots could create for society, and how he thinks governments should address them.

A few examples Musk mentioned: We’re all still waiting to see the full impact of the AI revolution.

Musk says he sees robots being used as a kind of driverless car to deliver goods.

The next generation of robotic tools and robots will not only be able to do jobs that humans cannot, but will also be able perform those tasks without human supervision.

Musk thinks we’re heading into a future where machines are “just like human beings” and that they won’t even care about our rights and freedoms.

Musk sees the emergence of robots as a “great opportunity” for the human race, but he doesn’t believe they will be able replace us.

Musk also sees a future in which robots can deliver goods, but we have to deal with the issues of environmental degradation and loss of productivity.

He believes we’ll eventually need to “put humans in charge” of robots, but it’s not a matter of when, but when it comes.

Musk’s vision of a “world in which everything is automated” has been one of the key themes of his talk at the MIT Media Lab earlier this month.

Musk predicts that the rise in AI technology will lead to a new kind of “intelligent artificial intelligence,” which could “compete with humans in all kinds of important ways” and help us to live better lives.

That, he said, will be a good thing for humanity.

But Musk doesn’t think that robots will replace humans as we know them.

Instead, he sees their use as a tool that helps us improve our society and our economy.

“What happens is that they’ll replace us in certain areas and we’ll have to adapt to a situation where they’re more productive, which is why I don’t think we’re going down that road right now,” Musk explained.

Musk is currently an investor in Google’s autonomous vehicles project.

“I think we’ve done a pretty good job of not having to worry about how much our economy will be hurt by this,” Musk told CBC News.

“You’re able to get a lot of stuff done and a lot less stuff done if we’re in charge of the robots.”

We’ll probably have to pay attention to the new tools and technologies in our future, Musk said, but “the robots are a tool in the toolbox.”

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