‘Focus’ is a movie about a band that plays ‘focus’

“Focus” is a film about a group of musicians who play a type of rock song called “focus” which can be heard on a popular dance album by the same name.

The band, called The Lonesome Crowd, was formed in Los Angeles in 2012.

It is the result of two bands, the New York-based rock band The Strokes and the California-based electronic band The Damned.

Lonesome crowd member and lead vocalist Justin Hayward told the Associated Press that the band started out as a band called “a bunch of dudes playing a bunch of rock songs.”

“I started off playing guitar, I started playing drums, I played bass, I kind of did a couple of things at first,” Hayward said.

“Then the Strokes came along and we played like a band, and that’s when the focus came.”

The Strokes played “focus,” or rock and roll, at least in the early days of their career, but they dropped it as the band evolved.

The Lonsome Crowd’s lead singer, Justin Hayward, told the AP they began to play the song because of its similarity to the band’s hit song “Rock and Roll” and the songstress Miley Cyrus’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.”

Hayward said the band is dedicated to bringing the focus element to the dance genre, saying the focus is “always in the music.”

“We’re just doing it to make people dance,” Hayward told AP.

“We’re not trying to make anything too sophisticated or flashy, just to make everyone dance.”

The Lonesomers say the focus on music is an attempt to bring back the “focus on music” that was a hallmark of the 1960s counterculture.

The band has also made it clear that they are not necessarily fans of The Stroke or Cyrus.

“We love them,” Hayward added.

“I don’t know if it’s the same, but I don’t think they are a big part of our lives anymore.

They’re a big chunk of our history.”

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