Deepwater Horizon: The True Story of the Deepwater, the First Film to Document a Film of the Year

A new documentary is making waves as it recounts the true story of Deepwater Industries, a Texas-based oil drilling company that went belly-up during a 2010 spill and is still battling for its life.

The documentary, titled Deepwater Infinity, is the first feature-length documentary about Deepwater that premiered this year.

It features interviews with more than 70 Deepwater employees, industry insiders and industry partners, as well as its executive producer, Jeff Johnson.

Deepwater Infinity was screened at the 2015 SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas, and was released this week by The Documentary Society of America.

It’s one of only two documentaries made about Deepsea in 2015, with the other being “The Deepwater,” which won the SXSW documentary competition.

Johnson said he didn’t want to write an entire documentary about the oil company.

Rather, he wanted to make a film that was accessible and accessible for everyone, Johnson said in an interview with The New York Times.

“We didn’t know we were going to be making a film for a few years.

We didn’t have a budget and we didn’t even know if we were making a documentary for a year or two years.

So, we kind of thought, ‘Let’s do it this way,'” Johnson said.

Deepsea’s story is one that’s been told before, and the film is the latest in a series of documentaries about the Deepsea that Johnson has made.

The Deepsea documentary won SXSW’s 2014 documentary award, and also was nominated for the 2014 Sundance Film Festival documentary award.

Deepsea Industries went belly up in 2010 after a massive explosion on a drilling rig caused by an oil leak that occurred at the company’s facility in the Gulf of Mexico.

The company’s executives, including Johnson, were found dead in their San Diego home in May 2010.

Deepwater was awarded the second of two Deepwater patents in 2010 and was acquired by oil company Chevron in 2012.

Johnson’s documentary takes viewers inside Deepwater’s operations and shows the company as it came to a point of no return.

It chronicles how Deepwater survived the spill and its recovery, and what it has been up to since.

In Deepwater: The Lost Legacy, Johnson interviews the company executives, current employees and industry insiders, including the late former president and CEO of Chevron, John Caudill, as they discuss the company, its employees, its community and the industry in general.

“It was a lot of hard work,” Johnson said of the documentary.

“And to make this documentary, it took a lot out of us.

We were exhausted.

We had just been through the Deep [water] disaster.

It was very difficult.”

Johnson said that although he didn, in fact, work at Deepwater at the time of the spill, he wasn’t allowed to speak with the people directly involved.

“The people who were actually in charge of the company weren’t allowed me to speak to,” Johnson told The Times.

“They didn’t think that this was appropriate, or that I was doing this to them.”

Johnson spent a year writing the film and interviewing more than 200 people to craft the documentary’s story.

It is available on DVD and is currently being produced.

“Deepwater is a remarkable company,” Johnson added.

“But the real tragedy is that the company never made it to the next day.

There’s no money to go back and do the things that we were doing.”

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