Disney films ‘The Haunted Mansion’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ are available on Apple TV

Disney films The Haunted Mansion and Finding Nemo have been available on the Apple TV for a couple of months now.

The new titles were released on the day of Apple TV’s launch, but were not released to the public until a couple days later.

The films are set in the 1920s and feature Disney characters from Disney’s most popular franchises including Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Hercules, Pocahontas, Beauty and The Beast and Hercules and the King of Thieves.

The first film to hit Apple TV is The Haunted Manor, a film about a group of kids on Halloween night in the Victorian town of Wilt.

The movie opens with the group enjoying the night, before a horrific storm forces them to flee to a house on a deserted hill.

The group later learns that the house was haunted and a dark entity has taken control of the house.

It turns out that the group was sent there by a sinister woman who wants revenge for a tragic event that occurred during her childhood.

The second film to arrive on the streaming service is The Adventures of Pluto & Goofy, which follows the adventures of Pluto and his friends.

The film follows Pluto’s journey in search of his father and friends, while also following the adventures the kids on Pluto’s quest.

The Disney Channel and Disney Movies Anywhere app allow users to watch the films on the device.

The Disney Movies app on AppleTV allows users to access Disney movies from anywhere in the world and is also available for iOS devices.

The app offers the ability to download and watch movies for free and will be available for a limited time.

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