Which film should be shown in Dublin this weekend?

Dublin’s cinema is opening a month early to mark International Women’s Day after a row with local cinemas over whether to show the film Sisters.

The film was released in the UK in January, Ireland in February and now in Ireland, Britain and Australia.

The Irish film festival, which takes place every year in the city, is holding an exhibition of the film on Sunday.

The exhibition is due to run until July 12.

The Irish Film Society has said Sisters is “the only documentary that has been made about the Irish women’s liberation movement in the 1930s and 40s” and that the festival should show it.

It said Sisters “should not be screened in Dublin until we get a copy”.

“We understand that there are people in the Irish community who are very upset with this and that there will be a lot of anger on Sunday and that we need to be respectful of the community,” said the society’s director, Joanne Walsh.

“We think Sisters is a really important film and we think it’s an important story and it needs to be told.”

In February, a group of film critics in the US called for the Irish film industry to withdraw Sisters, saying it “doesn’t give a damn about the oppressed women of Ireland”.

The film tells the story of a group called the Irish Resistance who were arrested and imprisoned in Germany and deported to Dublin.

It was a period of resistance in which the Irish resistance was fighting for freedom, democracy and the right to a voice.

The film also explores the struggles of Irish women who were denied equal treatment and were discriminated against.

Sisters is one of the few films that has not been censored in the country, and the Irish Film and Television Board has said it is “proud” of the work it has done.

The group has called for Sisters to be shown “in the cinemas across the country” but Dublin is not one of them.

The society said it would ask the Irish government to allow Sisters to open theatres in Dublin for “a month before the festival”.

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