‘The Fog of War’: Filmmaker shares his journey of film immersion

Film series The Fog of Wars, the latest film series in the Film series series, explores the unique challenges of filming in a war zone. 

The film series is based on the book of the same name by writer and director John Levene, who won the prestigious Prix de Cannes in 2013 for his documentary film, The Fog. 

It follows Levenes crew as they film in a number of different locations in Afghanistan, including a school, a church, a military compound and a museum.

The series was initially only to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival, but has now been shown at several major film festivals around the world. 

In an interview with BBC Sport, Levenecks film director, John Levin, said that his aim was to make the series more accessible to anyone, regardless of their background or experiences.

“The idea was to do something a little bit different and also something a bit more accessible and I think it has worked,” he said.

“I think if you look at the film series as a whole, it’s not really about the war, but about the people who are in it, and the situations in which they live.”

It’s really about what it means to be a soldier, to be an Afghan, to live in a conflict zone and to see the world in the way that you do.

“Leveneck said that although his film series had always been about war, he realised the series would be more relevant if it focused on people in conflict zones.”

You have a lot of different kinds of war, and a lot more complex ones that are going on,” he explained.”

So it’s interesting because it’s about how we are in the middle of a lot less complex, less violent, less complicated, more normal conflicts.

“Levin said that he realised that the war in Afghanistan could be seen in a different light if he did not focus on the war.”

What I wanted to do with this series is I wanted it to be more about the lives of the Afghans,” he continued.”

If I didn’t go into this war and try to do it on a war level, I didn, in fact, end up with a series of films that were really interesting, that were more about what’s going on in the world, and that was really interesting.

“Levins previous film, The Fog, won the Prix de la Cahiers du Cinema in 2013, and was awarded the Grand Prix for the best documentary film. 

However, Levin’s last film, War in the Balkans, was banned in Bosnia and Herzegovina after a film crew was arrested.”

We wanted to make a film that was not about war at all,” he told BBC Sport.”

Because we want people to think about it, not just about the wars.

We want to think, ‘why do people want to watch this film?’

“The Fog is based around the book The Fog by John Levinge, and is set during the Bosnian War in 1994.

Levenen, who has worked as a film maker for over 20 years, said he wanted to follow Levinges journey into Afghanistan and the surrounding area.”

A lot of the places where the film takes place are places that are very difficult to film, and very difficult conditions to film in,” he recalled.”

There are many difficult places in the country where people live, but it’s very difficult and very dangerous.

“But it’s also an area where you can make a documentary.

It’s also a place where there are many beautiful villages, beautiful mountains, beautiful rivers, beautiful lakes, beautiful towns, and all these things, but you can’t film them because of the war and because of what is happening in the war zone, so the people live in these areas.”

And I wanted the film to be about those areas, so I thought, why not make a series about them?

“Levenes previous film The Invisible War is based on Leven’s life experience as a member of the Afghan National Army. 

This is a unique war and I want people in this world to have a better understanding of what war is like, and to be able to look at it from the perspective of someone who is still there, who is trying to”

I’ve been in the military for 20 years and in the army I’m an expert at killing people, I’ve killed many people, so it’s a different kind of experience, but in terms of my own experience, I feel that it’s something that we all go through, and I’m looking at all these stories and the different things that people are facing in their own lives, and my own experiences,” he concluded.

“This is a unique war and I want people in this world to have a better understanding of what war is like, and to be able to look at it from the perspective of someone who is still there, who is trying to

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