Why Power Rangers was a cult hit – The Power Rangers movie series

With Power Rangers in its third season, and with the film series currently in its second, it’s time to review the films that made it so popular, and the films which will undoubtedly be remembered fondly by fans of the franchise.

The Power Rangers film series is a huge hit, so much so that it even spawned a series of comic books.

The original series, starring Chris Farley, is still one of the most popular comic book franchises in the world, with more than 50 volumes sold, and several TV series.

Power Rangers has been the biggest hit of the new season, with a record-breaking 10.3 million tickets sold in its first week alone.

However, it was the Power Rangers animated film series that really cemented the franchise’s popularity.

Created by J.C. Staffell, the series was a success in its own right, and helped to catapult the series into the big leagues.

The series is still in the works, and a third season of the series is currently in the making, but Power Rangers fans will have to wait another few years for the first episode to be released.

For those who have yet to catch up on the animated series, it follows the adventures of Ranger Dave, a former super-soldier turned Ranger who becomes a father figure to the young children in his town.

His son and daughter are also on the team, but with little help from the authorities, they end up at a camp where they encounter a series, including the Red Ranger and Green Ranger, who help to save the day.

After the series premiered, it became a hit in its home country of Australia, with the series airing on ABC.

It also made it onto a number of major screens around the world including Netflix, which has already ordered 10 episodes.

It was also one of those shows which many people wanted to see in the future, and it seems as though the franchise is on track to be back on the big screen for a sequel.

While the original series is the one to watch, there’s also a whole host of other films that were released during the franchise, including a number by director Kevin Smith, who was responsible for the original Power Rangers.

Smith directed Power Rangers, which featured the Power Ranger Power Rangers team of Zordon, Bumblebee, Megatron, and others.

The film series ended after a year, but there are still many fans out there who want to see it go.

What do you think of the Power Rangers movie series?

Let us know in the comments below!

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