‘Apollo 13’ to star in film adaptation of Philip Pullman’s book

An adaptation of the Philip Pullmen novels, ‘Apocalypse on the Moon’, is to be made into a film.

The novel is set during the first Apollo 13 mission, which took place on the moon in 1969.

Writer and director Christopher Nolan has penned the script for ‘Apoloth’, which will star Mark Ruffalo as Apollo 13 commander, Buzz Aldrin, and Matt Damon as astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Mr Ruffalo has been in talks to play Armstrong for years, and was reportedly close to landing a role in the film when he was told he would be too busy to be part of the final film.

Mr Damon, who plays the character, will also star in the adaptation.

In a statement, Mr Nolan said the story will focus on the first three years of the mission and the crew’s search for the lunar module which is buried in the mountains.

“The mission’s first three months are spent searching for a spacecraft, as well as a lunar module.

The final few days of the lunar mission, when Armstrong finally finds the module, will be the focus of the film,” he said.

Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldraves and Neil Armstrong were the first astronauts to land on the surface of the moon on August 20, 1969, with Mr Ruffalo playing Armstrong’s father.

After successfully landing the module in the South Pole, Mr Aldraven returned to Earth and was able to see the Earth from his vantage point on the far side of the Moon.

Mr Aldrin and Mr Armstrong flew to the moon and returned to the Earth on October 31, 1969.

Mr Ruffallo is currently promoting his new film ‘Lights Out’, starring Will Smith and Meryl Streep.

The novel, written by Mr Pullman, was first published in 1975 and was adapted into a play by Michael Ondaatje in 1991.

This is the first time an Apollo 11 astronaut has been given a lead role in a film, but previous film adaptations of the novel have focused on a single astronaut.

The book was nominated for an Oscar in 2011 for Best Novel.

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