When ‘The Gatekeepers’ star Adam Driver will be seen in ‘Stargate Atlantis’

The Gatekeepers star Adam Drive will be featured in the upcoming Stargate Atlantis film, but no date has been set.

According to a listing on IMDb, the film is slated to be released on July 13, 2019.

However, Drive’s inclusion in the film would require the release of the Stargate SG-1 sequel, Stargate: Atlantis.

In addition, The Hollywood Reporter reports that a cast list has been released for the film.

It lists Drive, Adam Day, Josh Gad, David Cross, John Boyega, Jennifer Ehle, Josh Brolin, and Mark Hamill as the new cast members.

According the listing, the Stargates sequel will feature “Aboard the Atlantis, the team finds itself in the middle of a crisis that threatens to tear them apart.

A team of elite soldiers from the US military is deployed to a remote planet to save Atlantis from destruction.

When the team’s mission is attacked by an alien invasion force, the Atlantis crew must act quickly before the planet is lost.”

The list also states that the film will feature a story “about an alien alliance that uses advanced technology to enslave humans to become the ultimate soldiers.

This team is led by Colonel Jack O’Neill, and includes Commander Daniel Jackson, Captain Jack Ollivander, Lt.

Colonel Samantha Carter, and Lt.

Commander Samantha Carter-Bennett.”

The listing also states the film’s story will “reveal the secret history of the Atlantis expedition and will also reveal a shocking secret about the Stargagate program.”

This list is similar to the one posted on IMDB for the Stargat SG-2 movie, but the two listings have the same title.

The listing for the sequel, however, lists Drive as a lead role.

A spokesperson for Stargate Entertainment, the production company behind the Stargaters, confirmed to Variety that the movie is not yet in production.

However, the spokesperson did confirm that the Stargats franchise is still alive.

“SG-1 was a series that took place over a decade, so there is no current Stargate movie,” the spokesperson said.

“We do not have any official plans for a sequel, so we can’t say anything for sure.”

However, with no release date set for the SG-4 movie, it is not known when the film could be released.

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